Character info screens from the Dot Kareshi: We’re 8bit Lovers PV, with English annotations!  Note that the game is from Rejet and is by definition kind of disturbing!! (such as including BDSM themes and yandere characters)

The translations come from Ilinox over at Otome-Jikan (check out the more thorough coverage of the game there as well) - I just slapped the text over the images!

Puff-Puff: This is referring an innuendo-fueled running gag in the Dragon Quest series (extremely influential in the world of JRPG’s - all of those backgrounds scrolling by behind the characters are a nod to it as well).  Here’s Puff-Puff’s own wiki entry for more information.

I friggin’ love the Villager ohmygod the idea of those NPCs you keep seeing in towns actually obsessing over you and following you is killing me … in so many ways.

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